In 2006, the 1800 employees of Alcatel exchanged the “Bell Tower” for a new buildingcomplex on the Kievitplein in Antwerp. The interior of the new complex is based on a concept of activity-related workplaces. More than 50 projectteams are working on the research and development division of Alcatel. The employees choose a workplace according to the activity they need to perform. To make this possible the latest ICT technology was installed.

The goal was to create a "culture of excellence” in the new building. Everyone should feel good. On every floor of the complex, Buroconcept created a lounge, located at the intersection of the four buildingunits. These relaxspaces invite employees to meet in a different environment or talk in a more informal way.

Each floor has the atmosphere of a different continent, from Africa to South America. Furniture, lighting, graphics and even the color of the walls create an exotic environment.

These lounges clearly helped realizing one of the objectives of the new concept, which was to increase informal communication.