For CCRE we have completely redone their existing offices. Before the renovations all offices were closed rooms with full walls, there was little light and people needed zones to work or to meet in silence. We have drawn up a new layout with small open spaces that are divided by an intermediate zone, in which we grouped different types of meeting rooms. That way we were able to make the whole more open and light without placing people in large open spaces. In doing so, we have also made a distinction between flex workstations and fixed workstations according to the functions of the people. At the entrance we created a zone with a high table. This is a multifunctional zone, this serves both as a brainstorm / scrum zone, as a reception, as a small meeting. In front of that table we have chosen to place bubbles,this way people who have to concentrate for a while can isolate themselves for a certain time.
In terms of look and feel, we continued playing with the design we had used for previous floors. the convivial spaces have been given a green color accent while the offices have remained sober. This way we have emphasized the different functions of the activity based stations.
370 m2