Hurray! Buroconcept celebrates its 30th anniversary!



BRUXELLES - 800 m2


ICI selected Buroconcept for their first office in the centre of Brussels.

Buroconcept helped ICI with the choice of building, through the study of different fit-out solutions. After careful consideration, the Lucia building has been chosen in the European heart of the centre.

Buroconcept designed a lay-out which separates the public part from the private part. On one hard you find the public area with a multi-functional area that can serve as multiple purposes i.e., dining area, presentations, lounge, lockers, coffee point,… You also find a separated meeting room with a boardroom table and an acoustic wall which is ideal for remote meetings.
On the other hand, there is the open space with a small bubble, medium size meeting room, IT corner and copy corner.

Buroconcept then proceeded with the works and the final finishing touches such as plants and accessories.




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