Hurray! Buroconcept celebrates its 30th anniversary!


The project having been validated, all that remains is to carry it out. This phase, if it is very exciting since it sees the realization of all the intentions of the project, is no less complex.

“less is green”
David Van Gelder, partner-director at Buroconcept

What is going on

during the Build phase?

Three main axes will make it possible to evaluate the success of the execution phase.

  • The quality axis. We will ensure that the choice of techniques, materials and products are in perfect harmony with the needs. Our total independence guarantees you the best solutions for each position.
  • The planning axis. This aspect will have already been taken into account when choosing a solution, but it is until the day of your move that we will ensure on a daily basis the smooth running of things and the respect of the commitments of each stakeholder.
  • The budgetary axis. This will also have been taken into account in the study of the project, but we will continue to monitor it throughout the work, regardless of the unforeseen events that may be encountered.

Even if it seems less obvious, our creativity will be a great ally here. It will allow us to guarantee you, whatever happens, a project delivered on time and within the budget.

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