Hurray! Buroconcept celebrates its 30th anniversary!


We put all our inventiveness to work in order to design a concept which, in addition to meeting your needs, will be able to bring well-being to your employees.

“Creativity is, not what you look at but what you see.”
Nelle Eloy, Architecte d’intérieur

What is happening
during the design phase?

The Design phase is the first concrete step of the project and it has two main parts.

  • The organization of the spaces in plan on the basis of the needs described in the program taking into account all the functional, technical and spatial elements. In order to guarantee the success of the project, we pay a great deal of attention to developing clear concepts, emphasizing the readability of both the spatial organization and the function of the different spaces.
  • The development of a visual identity also called Look & Feel . It is crucial for us that the projects reflect the identity of our clients. The objective is not to print the BuroConcept Style but that of each of the organizations which entrusts us with its project. We work with you during workshops to co-create this unique Look & Feel around key words, images, values or even material samples.

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