Hurray! Buroconcept celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Our vision


Every day and everywhere, nature offers us examples of extremely well-functioning ecosystems that have functioned wonderfully for millennia by constantly adapting and evolving.

This ancestral balance constitutes for Buroconcept a source of inspiration not only in the design of our projects which we want to be intuitive and unique but also in our way of working.

Buroconcept’s philosophy is to offer each client a quality personalized approach . It is therefore obvious to compose for each project an appropriate team capable of covering all the skills necessary for the success of the project.

It is together by combining our experience and your knowledge of your needs that we develop and carry out projects that will breathe new life into your organization.



Each project is unique and with you, we meet each challenge with passion.

This passion is why we exist and why we tailor every workplace to you. We go beyond design and construction .

We base our design on strong ideas and let them evolve step by step with the customer. This is how we like to convey our passion and it shows in every design.


More than ever, it is agility , the ability to adapt to change, that determines the success of an organization.

Our creativity is engraved in our DNA and applies throughout the projects. Well beyond the aesthetic choices, it is what allows us to develop unique solutions , to juggle with complicated schedules or extremely limited budgets .

The human is

in the center

The Man is at the center of our concerns, it is the people who constitute the engine of the organizations .

Respect , listening and trust are the pillars of the bond that we weave with our customers. Above all, we are your partner . We are here to help you achieve your goals and make your work environments a real tool for recruitment, well-being and efficiency .

“Our work is not about ‘the design’. it’s about the feeling, the story…”
Lukas Kartout, Architect d’intérieur

Let’s talk together

about your projects

We look forward to hearing from you and answering all your questions about your next project.